Puzzle Detective

Puzzle Detective

You like puzzle games? You can't miss the opportunity to play Puzzle Detective

If you like puzzle games, you cannot miss the opportunity to play this cool option called Puzzle Detective and developed by GameHouse, Inc. you will play the role of a detective who has been hired to recover a number of stolen jewels from a well-know museum of Washington D.C. You will have to swap items to make groups of three or more so as to finally reveal hidden clues which will lead to you find the thief.

During the development of the game, you will have to travel to various locations around the globe to find the clues. As you find them, you have to analyze them and figure out which city you have to move next to find the criminal. The large quantity of locations keeps the game really exciting. The game soundtrack is first-rate, and its full-screen graphics are totally gorgeous. All in all, it is a highly polished game with a good fun story, memorable characters and many famous cities from all around the world. All these elements make Puzzle Detective a must-play for any casual games fan.

Review summary


  • Gorgeous graphics
  • First-rate sounds
  • Many cities to visit while solving the puzzle
  • Good fun


  • None
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